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Rumbley & Goose Creek Marina
  • 2-3 Hours,
  • $45/person


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Rumbley is a great little fishing village that is off the beaten track. Two little villages make up a unique little horseshoe of land- Frenchtown to the south and Rumbley to the north. When you make the final turn left coming out of Fairmont, it is like you have just entered another world. Marsh grass as far as you can see to the south, west and north.


When you enter Rumbley, you see the cottages and shanties of working watermen and a whole row of the marinas is made up of their crafts. There is the Hideaway Restaurant in the Goose Creek Marina and Jimmy Buffet would be proud and fit in nicely with their decor. It is a great place to bicycle to and kayak around.


Rumbley & Goose Creek Marina is a treasure just waiting to be discovered!


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