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King's Creek Paddle

  • 9 Mile Paddle
  • 2-3 Hours
  • $45/person


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The Kings Creek Paddle is  a 9 mile paddle. It starts over by Washington High School, in Princess Anne, MD.


We used to put in by the bridge but a local property owner insists that we launch from his property. He often comes out in the morning with his coffee and acts like a perfect host sharing interesting stories.


The first part of the paddle is narrow and winding  and we work our way under the Route 13 bridge where we see Barn Swallows. We then wind past the prison but we are usually looking at an eagle nest as we paddle by it. On one Birding Weekend  trip the Warden was with us and she said if you look to your left you can see "Jail Birds". We have to go over or under the Stewart's Neck road bridge depending on tides. The last stretch to the Manokin River Property is on the Manokin River.


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