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Frontier Town
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We have a unique opportunity to Discover Nature and History at Frontier Town.


When the wind is right and the waves are calm, we paddle across the Bay to Assateague. While there, we do our nature paddle. We take the time to leave our kayaks and walk around a small island just off the larger Barrier Island. While there we find clams with our toes as we try to escape the crabs scurrying across the bay floor. We see other examples of nature at its best.


We continue our paddle and with any luck we see the ponies across the main Barrier Island. Then reluctantly we paddle home with great memories. When the weather and water are a little too rough for this adventure, we take a turn south and paddle close to shore and wind our way up and into some of the feeder streams. While discovering nature in a more protected environment, we learn about ship wrecks, Indians, pirates and our English settlers.


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