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Elliot Island, Vienna & Black Water Refuge
  • 2-3 Hours
  • $45/person

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Some of the best riding on the Eastern Shore can be found in the area of Vienna, Elliott Island and Black Water Refuge.  You can bike 75 miles or more without seeing a single store. "Just a few miles away, but a world apart" says it all.


Bike outings can go various distances.  Vienna to Layton’s Winery is only 5 miles, 10 round trip. Vienna to Elliott Island is 19 miles, 38 miles round trip. 


As you ride to Elliott Island you will see water on both sides of you. At the highest tides, the water can even come up and cover the roadway.  There are miles and miles of the most scenic roads with wooden bridges. There is also one of the largest wildlife refuges on Delmarva. The area is also rich in history with the Harriet Tubman Museum and trail, the underground railway, the Handsell House and Indian lore galore.


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