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Dividing Creek Paddle

  • 2-3 Hours,
  • $45/person


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The Dividing Creek can be found just east of Pocomoke City. It winds northward from the Pocomoke River. Although it is beautiful all year long, the Dividing Creek becomes almost magical when the leaves begin to turn. 


Adrenaline High's favorite fall paddle is Dividing Creek. Our fall Foliage is very well known. The brilliant reds and oranges are reflected from the water in mirror images so you can be totally surrounded in color. Wild life abounds on the river. I have seen more ducks here than on any other river. As I turn around a bend, I can almost touch them with my paddle.


We have seen otters, turtles, heron and even an unsuspecting snake curled up sleeping in a tree. By combining this paddle with the lovely town of Pocomoke, you can be in for a real treat. Pocomoke city has a great museum, The Discovery Center and a restored theater, Delmarva Theater.


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