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Destination Delmarva Vienna Outpost
  • 2-3 Hours
  • $45/person

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Destination Delmarva Vienna Outpost: Destination Delmarva Vienna Outpost is housed in the once infamous Nanticoke Inn. At one point in time this was a thriving center of tourism traffic when Route 50 ran right by its door. When they built the new bridge a little north of Vienna, things were never the same for the town of Vienna or the Nanticoke Inn. With any luck we may be able to give this region a new lease on life with an infusion of tourism. There is a lot more to see and do here than meets the eye.


Destination Delmarva(DD) is a new non-profit trying to organize our attributes and getting the word out. DD is based on two principals:

1. Staycations - Vacations within a tankful of gas. Vienna and Delmarva are two hours from over 20 million people.


2. The Economic Rule of Tourism Law of 4's, which states that whatever time it takes you to get to a destination you want to be able to spend four times that amount of time enjoying it.


This forces us to partner and work together putting together packages that meet these criteria and are desirable to entice tourists here.

National Geographic magazine says Delmarva is one the country’s top 50 places to live and play. A famous biking magazine declares us one of the top 10 places to bike. Vienna happens to be at the heart of all this.

The information center helps highlight all this with displays, maps and electronic picture frames. You won't believe how much is concentrated within ten miles of Vienna and even more when you take in all Delmarva!
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