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Bordeleau Winery Tour
  • $45 per person. Limit 14 per trip.
  • 2 hour guided paddle
  • Snacks & Water provided
  • Overnight accommodations are available if requested

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If you are a kayak enthusiast and enjoy wine tasting, have we got a paddle designed just for you!


Experienced tour guide, Stan Shedaker, will guide you on a scenic 2 hour paddle along the Wicomico Creek to the beautiful Bordeleau Winery for a tasting and tour. Wine may be purchased at the Winery for take home. You will be shuttled to put in, paddle, and then back to the  Bordeleau Winery for their wine Tasting and Tour. 


Bordeleau sits right on the Wicomico Creek. Tom Shelton the owner lives in the most gorgeous Georgian style home I have ever seen. We usually paddle out and have your pictures taken with it in the background. Tom owns 1,100 acres and we often do the entire paddle on his property.


The winery is incredible and includes a stainless steel bottling plant that does the whole process from beginning to end with the assistance of only three workers. It is truly a beauty to behold. Tom often conducts the backroom tour, but Stan can step in if needed.


The tasting room is a marvel with lots of natural woods, comfy sofa and high back stools. The room comes complete with a fire place. Once you come you will fall in love and want to come back often and share the experience with your friends. Speaking of “love” Adrenaline High usually does this tour on Sundays at 2:00pm because they have so many weddings on Saturday. The entire location is that beautiful. 


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