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Meet the Owners

Adrenaline High Owners: Stan & Rachael started Adrenaline High in 2001. It was Stan’s dream to create a nature base biking and kayaking touring company. They have four children: a doctor, a lawyer and two in pharmaceuticals. The children were not moving home and not asking for money so Stan decided why not.


Rachael, always supportive of his endeavors, and having a strong love of the outdoors from her scouting years, is a central part of what makes Adrenaline High so successful. Stan does the physical kayaking and biking operation and Rachael excels at the background work of accounting and food preparation. If you have not had one of Rachael’s meals yet you are in for a real treat.


Rachael and Stan strive for a family atmosphere and almost all of their clients are seen as friends and there is something special when they return for repeat trips.

Meet Stan of Adrenaline High!
Watch a video of Stan Shedaker reflecting on his business.

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