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Discover Delmarva's Natural Wonders!

Discover Delmarva’s natural wonders with Adrenaline High, a custom bike and kayak touring company. We are well known for our Saturday morning Kayak Trips but we do trips, by appointment, almost any time for your convenience. Try an early morning trip in the summer, they are great!

This Saturday, start a healthy habit and join us for a morning guided kayak trip. We can take you on a two and a half to three hour trip along the Manokin River, Kings Creek,  Back Creek, Dividing Creek or the Pocomoke River, to name a few. Escape the everyday rush on these pristine wandering waterways, where we usually see more eagles than people. Generally, we don't see another kayak or canoe paddling the waterways when we are touring.

If you are up for a longer escape, book a six hour kayak trip to a secluded barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean. These Barrier Islands, just off the coast of Virginia, are very isolated. Our clients have always had them completely to themselves! Imagine being able to walk the beaches and find as many conch or whelk shells as you want.

We also have multiple day trips with great food and accommodations included for $75 per person per day. The accommodations are as breathtaking as the scenery. One of our kayak trips travels 83 miles and takes 5 to 6 days.  The trip starts above the city of Snow Hill, goes out the Pocomoke River and around and back up the Manokin River.

Our tours are affordable and customized for you.  We  accommodate all ages, fitness, and skill-levels.  Any athletic ability (or no athletic ability) can get you outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the  Eastern Shore with us. Our open tandem kayaks makes it easy to get in and out and are extremely stable. Guided trips with snacks and drinks start at $45 per person.

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